Film Faced Plywood

Ideal Solution For Formworks

Film-Faced Plywood is a High Densified  (HD) plywood with a smooth film coating on both sides of the faces and is used mainly for cement formworks during construction. Film-faced plywood is also called shuttering film-faced plywood, concrete forming plywood, and concrete formerly. It works as a crucial part of the formwork and is a common building material used by the formwork company to ensure the quality and construction safety of concrete projects, speeds up construction progress, and reduces project costs. Moreover, anti-slip film-faced plywood usually is used as the flooring material for vehicles, trucks, and platforms.

Film faced plywood is also known as “water-boiled plywood” as it can be boiled in water for up to 12-60 hours without lamination. We supply high-performance film faced plywood that is 3-5 hours longer in boiled water than others, and we provide a cost-effective solution in different sizes and thicknesses to meet interior and exterior project demands.

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High Bearing Capacity

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High Water Resistance

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Optional Film Face

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Customizable Size

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Multiple Reuse Times

Individualized Solutions Dedicated To You

Find a solution that perfectly fits your project by customizing the thickness, sizes, glues, veneer grades, cores, and films.


Different thicknesses vary from 2-30mm and that tailored to your project.


Besides 3 standard sizes for choice, we also offer customized services that perfectly fit your construction needs.


MR, WBP, Phenolic gules for choice.


Our Film Faced Plywood can be of different cores, such as poplar, pine, eucalyptus, birch, etc


Besides the one-time hot press, strengthen your plywood with two times hot presses.

Discover How It Works For Formwork

What Makes Our Products Different

Our experiment is based on melamine glue that can be boiled in water for 12 hours.

film faced plywood boiling test

Small MOQ

Trial order from only 10CBM.

Longer Water-boiled Time

Our film faced plywood performs better with 3-5 hours longer water-boiled time than others.

Superior Quality

Superior level of face veneer, glue and thickness, mature hot press technique

100% Recyclable and Eco-friendly

Our film faced plywood is eco-certified with FSC, CE, CARB and can be reused for times.

Assurance Test Report

Third Party test report from SGS, TUV, BV can be provided as your requirements

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