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Plywood is a wood-based panel manufactured from thin layers of wood bonded together with adhesive. Each layer is placed at right angles to its neighbor layers, resulting in impressive hardness that even some lightweight panels qualified for challenging projects. With good dimensional stability under different humidity conditions, plywood does not crack as easily as traditional wood. It’s ideal for many applications, including roofing, flooring, wall sheathing, hoarding, and shed and crate manufacturing.

We supply a comprehensive range of plywood with decorative finishes, including natural wood and melamine. All are available in different panel sizes and thicknesses to suit most customer demands. We assure you that all our plywood ranges are sustainable and comply with international standards.

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Good Tensile Performance

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Dimensional Stability

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Large Panel Size

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Cost-effective Option

Various Styles For Your Taste

Our plywood is known for its superior quality, stylish style, and eco-certification. Let’s take a closer

look at our plywood collection with a wide selection of natural woods and melamine finishes for your choice.

Individualized Solutions Dedicated To You

A variety of thicknesses, sizes, glues, veneer grades, hot press times make our custom plywood options perfectly fit your project.


Different thicknesses vary from 2-30mm tailoring to your project.


Besides standard sizes for choice, we also offer customized services that perfectly fit your construction needs.


There are E0, E1, E2, MR, WBP gules for choice.

Veneer Grades

Two Veneer grades BB/BB, BB/CC precisely manufactured for different applications.

Hot Press Times

Besides the one-time hot press, strengthen your plywood with two times hot presses.

Comprehensive Application

What Makes Our Plywood Different

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Small MOQ

Trial order low to 10CBM helps minimize your order risk.

Premium Quality

We provide a superior level of face veneer, glue,  and guarantee thickness, a mature hot press technique.


Our plywood is eco-certified with FSC, CE, and CARB.

AssuranceTest Report

Third-Party test reports from SGS, TUV, BV can be provided as per your requirements.

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